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Axcend Lean Production Planning

One of the core tenets of manufacturing is to balance the demands of the market with the efficiency of the factory. With supply chain complexities, poor visibility into the shop floor processes and capacity, manufacturers more often than not are handicapped to do the balancing act and maximize their profitability.

Fluctuating demands combined with poor visibility makes it difficult for enterprises to adopt lean to the fullest.

Axcend Lean Production Planning (LPP) is a cloud-based application that helps manufacturers plan their production schedule accurately, reduce changeover times, and utilize their production line capacity to the fullest so that they can achieve their operational goals.

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Benefits of Axcend LPP

Improved productivity and

Axcend LPP offers improvement in the efficiency of both man and machine in your factory floor by eliminating non-value added hours thus maximizing utilization and profitability.

Agility to meet
market demands

Axcend LPP's powerful simulation allows fast rescheduling of production plans. With reduced changeover times and intelligent work order scheduling, Axcend LPP puts the employees at ease while providing you with the agility to meet fluctuating market needs.

Streamlined shop floor

Axcend LPP’s flexible and robust algorithm, and what-if analysis allows realistic simulation of the WIP flow. This enables you to explore changes to the process and validate the effects of the change thus helping you to find the best process suitable to your production flow.

Flexible and

Axcend LPP can be deployed on cloud or on-premise and provides access to multiple plants and sites giving you the power of accurate planning while being flexible and economical.

Increased utilization

With a clear view into the plant operations, Axcend LPP can detect bottleneck from miles away. It also eliminates imbalances in machine loading across lines improving uptime, resource allocation and utilization.

Features of Axcend LPP


A leading electrical equipment manufacturer in Malaysia improved machine utilization by 12% with Axcend LPP.

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