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Axcend Lean Material Planning

Respond to dynamic market demands quickly, eliminate the need for high buffer stock, and enhance your ERP capabilities with Axcend Lean Material Planning. Combine ERP with lean to uncover insights on materials to give your enterprise a significant financial agility and operational dexterity.

Axcend Lean Material Planning integrates with your ERP seamlessly and uses both push (inventory from ERP) and pull (demand) data to accurately forecast optimum material purchase and allocation.

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Benefits of Axcend LMP

Complete awareness of materials

Axcend LMP synchronizes inventory levels and demand forecast to simulate the ideal material mix. This gives you end-to-end visibility and control on the material flow right from your suppliers to finished goods.

Improved Production agility and flexibility

Axcend LMP provides you with means to synchronize production with forecasted customer demand. This means you are more responsive to the market while reducing the lead times across the supply chain.

Maximized RoCE

Axcend LMP allows you to run various scenarios so you can strategically take decisions on material purchase and continually optimize them ensuring maximum Return on the Capital Employed.

Increased customer confidence

With complete awareness and control of all the materials, Axcend LMP eliminates all material-related loss time allowing you to deliver to your customers on-time, every time.

Features of Axcend LMP


Leading APAC Auto-component manufacturer achieves near 100% material awareness and reduced holding costs by 12%

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