Manufacturing is undergoing a sea change—massive shift in the technology landscape (Industry 4.0), ever changing customer expectations (personalization), complexities in trade and supply chain (globalization)—keeping manufacturers guessing to stay relevant.

To maintain a competitive edge in the market, manufacturers need to enhance operational dexterity, build robust supply chains, and create differentiated customer experience. As a manufacturer adapting to changing market dynamics, delivering to your customer expectations while maximizing value to your business is no easy task.

We understand this and all our solutions are designed to work in harmony with your operations whatever be the level of technology deployed in your enterprise. With our solutions, we have helped several manufacturers build future-ready businesses.

Plant Automation Vault

Plant Automation Vault is a framework-driven, out-of-the-box solution to equip any manufacturing enterprise with the power of data. Plant Automation Vault helps manufacturers to connect their machines, integrate them with transactional systems across the enterprise and collect data which can then be used to obtain key insights.

It consists of several rapid-integration libraries, webhooks and interoperability plug-ins that allows manufacturers to connect their equipment to a data store within days.

Quicker Setup

Reduce time significantly to setup a new line

Performance visibility

Gather data to gain awareness into your equipment performance

Continuous improvement

Reinforce continuous improvement in your operations

Leverage existing investments

Protect existing investments by standardization and interoperability

MFG – Lite

Production is no longer about adopting standardized processes anymore, but about frugal manufacturing to drive up business outcomes. Axcend’s MFG-Lite, a ‘connect and see’ agile solution based on a leading technology framework provides the capability to monitor data across multiple plants and fine-tune processes suitable for the enterprise.

It breaks the data silos in the manufacturing enterprise and enables visibility of information from across the manufacturing network, and generates performance metrics to tune equipment/production lines. MFG-Lite also allows for changes to be made on-the-fly, based on projections.

Increased Utilization & Yield

With high visibility into key business metrics, users can drive efficiency into productivity thereby achieving higher production yields with the same infrastructure.

Reduced downtime

Predictive maintenance reducing failures and costs associated with unplanned downtime.

Reduced waste

By tracking context-rich quality data, production managers can identify defect root causes and eliminate costs associated with waste. Improving the focus on quality at every stage of production also reduces warranty costs.

Embrace digital transformation

Increase enterprise performance with digital technologies.


Customers these days are very particular about the products they use and also on how it is being manufactured—source of raw materials, quality of finished goods etc. Traceability brings in the awareness of these factors.

From a manufacturer perspective too traceability is of paramount importance when it comes to the quality of the goods both sourced and manufactured, especially with recalls denting the business both financially and reputation-wise. Traceability is in fact a regulatory requirement in industry segments like automotive, pharma, food & beverage.

At Axcend, we treat traceability as not just an aspect of quality and regulatory control but as a part of the manufacturing process itself to enable continuous improvement. Our traceability product has the ability to trace right from the factory gates to the finished product. Additionally, it can playback operations in different stations and detect anomalies to help perform quicker and more accurate root cause analysis.

4M Levers

Traceability’s 4M (Man, Machine, Method & Material) multi-dimensional lenses allow for accurate and instantaneous root cause analysis

Quicker response

Quick response to customer requests on part supplied

Better compliance

Improved regulatory compliance

Recall visibility

Faster response during recalls

Lean Material Planning

Axcend Lean Material Planning is a powerful simulation-based material planning solution. It integrates with your ERP and uses both push (inventory from ERP) and pull (demand) data to accurately forecast optimum material purchase and allocation.

Without the need for complex integration, Axcend LMP will work seamlessly with your existing technology landscape without any disruption. Axcend LMP’s power-packed features provides all that is needed for the planning and operations team to keep the plant running without any material related issues and to keep the rising holding costs in check.

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Complete awareness of materials

End-to-end visibility and control on the material flow right from your suppliers to finished goods.

Improved Production agility and flexibility

More responsive to the market while reducing the lead times across the supply chain.

Maximized RoCE

Continually optimize material purchase ensuring maximum Return on the Capital Employed.

Increased customer confidence

Eliminates all material-related loss time allowing you to deliver to your customers on-time, every time.

Lean Production Planning

Axcend Lean Production Planning (LPP) is a cloud-based solution that helps manufacturers plan their production schedule accurately, reduce changeover times, and utilize their production line capacity to the fullest so that they can achieve their operational goals.

Axcend LPP provides real-time visibility into WIP queue, machine operations, parts utilization and produces the optimum work order and changeover sequence to maximize capacity utilization.

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Improved productivity and profitability

Eliminates non-value-added hours thus maximizing utilization and profitability.

Faster time to market

Take your product to market in record time with ideal capacity utilization and optimized FG inventory.

Streamlined shop floor processes

Explore changes to the process and validate the effects of the change to find the best process suitable to your production flow.

Exceed customer expectations

Complete orders on time and even tap into new opportunities to exceed customer expectations with complete visibility into production output.

What-if Analysis

Axcend’s What-if analysis is a powerful simulation tool that allows manufacturers to take informed decisions while reducing the operational and financial risks associated with the decisions. The tool’s hybrid simulation engine ingests real-time data to accurately predict the outcome for a given decision so that the manufacturer can assess the impact of their decisions even before actionizing on them.

What-if analysis’s easy to use interface allows users to create scenarios with ease. The simulated outcome is showcased with robust visualizations so that it can be interpreted and actioned upon easily by the relevant stakeholders. The impact across the value chain such as demand impact, material impact, machine impact, operator impact etc., can be assessed using the tool.


Assess impact of decisions across time and context.

Deep dive

Delve deeper through layers of KPI's and data to validate root cause without losing context.


Automatic action recommendations based on model and past data / outcomes.


Learning from past data and decisions to improve performance and achieve greater certainty.