De-risk Ops and Manufacturing Management by opening up
knowledge to more than a few

  • Is your existing system limiting you from accelerating business velocity?
  • Is it taking you too long to add a new line despite inherent knowledge of your plants?
  • Has the time taken to assess cause of a failure stayed the same or increased over the years?
  • Is your team unable to focus on their core competencies and realize full potential with the current technology?
It might have occurred to you already, but yes you can solve your challenges and meet your objectives. Axcend offers tailored solutions that can help you de-risk operations and manage them more efficiently.

Gain from starting production earlier

Accelerate your current and future capabilities

Keep pace with changes by integrating quicker

Plant Automation Vault

Secure Your Ops and Management with Axcend

Design & development of SCADA for a chocolate & noodle manufacturer

Implementation of complete new SCADA platform for a green field (noodle & chocolate manufacturer catering to 40K tags) plant adhering to global standards within stipulated timeline.

Dairy plant automation for a leading manufacturer of dairy products

Developed a unified high technology production monitoring & control system for a greenfield milk powder plant to stay ahead in Asian dairy market.

Assembly line automation for a leading automotive OEM

Engine assembly line automation with a comprehensive tracking system for a leading automotive OEM.

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