Are you stuck because you have invested heavily on existing technology but it isn't helping you move toward Industry 4.0?

  • Are you worried about overheads on digitizing a few operations or all of them?
  • Is improving productivity and meeting innovation demands becoming a major challenge?
  • Are you able to run multiple plants with ease and efficiency?
Of course you’re aware that the step toward digitization must be taken to address these concerns. Axcend offers cost effective solutions to empower you digitally and put you on the road to customer success, efficiency and growth.

Help your workers get more efficient

Increase innovation with real time insights

Get future ready and realize more value

Industry 4.0 Operational Excellence with Digital Transformation

Digitize with Axcend

Smart energy monitoring system for a global giant F&B producer

Smart energy monitoring system for a global giant F&B producer to monitor key energy monitor parameters across plants.

Custom MES development for a leading packaging OEM

MES system to manage scheduling, production, quality and traceability from the customer’s order to the final shipping for continuous production process of reels of packaging material like “Tetra Pak” carton packages palletized internally and shipped.

2D and 3D plant layout for leading assembly line builders

Built 2D and 3D plant layout of the BIW assembly line for leading assembly line builders.

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